‘The Briefing Room’ interactive experience brings the real war stories behind Company of Heroes 3 to life

  • Explore the human stories behind the North African and Italian campaigns as presented in Company of Heroes 3™.
  • SEGA Europe Limited teamed up with four renowned World War II experts to shape the experience.

To celebrate the release of Company of Heroes 3, SEGA and Relic Entertainment™, Incl. have launched an interactive history hub, allowing fans to delve further into the real history that inspired the game.

Shaped by world-renowned historians, The Briefing Room explores the Italian and North African campaigns depicted in Company of Heroes 3, including the realities of desert warfare, the history behind key leaders, and the extraordinary resilience and journey of the Polish Corps.

The interactive map acts as a companion to the game, allowing history fans to immerse themselves in the real-life events that inspired it, with detailed articles on the people, tactics and military hardware featured in battles such as El Alamein, Monte Cassino, Salerno and Tobruk.

Four illustrious experts lent their insight to the project, including Prof. Simon Ball (Alamein: Great Battles), Matthew Parker (Monte Cassino: The Hardest-Fought Battle of World War II); William ‘Bill’ Beigel, and Dr Robert Lyman (The Longest Siege: Tobruk, the Battle that Saved North Africa).

Company of Heroes 3 is a real-time strategy game published by SEGA and developed by Relic Entertainment. The new release features an Italian Dynamic Campaign that delivers sand-box style gameplay, allowing players unprecedented command over the war effort, in addition to the opportunity to re-live some of the most famous battles of the North African operation in a single-player experience.

David Littman, Vice President of Production at Relic, said: “For the launch of Company of Heroes 3 we wanted to do something special. The tagline for the game is ‘Every Battle Tells a Story’, so we wanted to bring to life the stories inspired by the real-life people who fought in the Italian and North African campaigns that players will experience.

“We worked closely with some incredible experts to make The Briefing Room a treasure trove that offers even more depth around the real history tied to COH3, particularly the human stories that people may not know about. We hope players and history fans alike enjoy exploring The Briefing Room as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

The Briefing Room is available now at https://history.companyofheroes.com/

Company of Heroes 3 is available now on PC and will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year.


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