Special Metaphor: ReFantazio Livestream Offers Deepest Dive Into Gameplay Yet

ATLUS hosted a developer livestream which offered viewers an expanded look at the upcoming full-scale fantasy RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio. The stream, hosted by Director Katsura Hashino, explored the game’s rich systems with a focus on Archetypes – the special character powers which awaken in a variety of ways and give players many options for customizing their party.

You can watch a VOD of the livestream below.

In case you missed it, Metaphor: ReFantazio was also featured in today’s Summer Game Fest show; you can find the trailer here.

During the stream, Hashino-san explained how Archetypes branch and evolve throughout the player’s journey, describing the 14 basic Archetype lineages and when the variations of each Archetype are added up, there are more than 40 Archetypes available in total. He further goes into details of the Archetypes revealed earlier today at Summer Game Fest.

Hashino-san also offered insights on the team’s design goals and how they are reflected in the way Archetypes interact with the rest of the game. Metaphor: ReFantazio’s dungeons encourage players to think creatively and strategically about which Archetypes they use and how they use them. Metaphor: ReFantazio’s dungeons also feature a network function which offers players insights on what party formations others are using to conquer that dungeon.

Physical and digital pre-orders for Metaphor: ReFantazio are now live. Metaphor: ReFantazio will launch on October 11, 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

The SteelBook® Edition is also available for pre-order. This bundle includes the base game, Steelbook®, Kingdom of Euchronia Parchment-style Paper Map and Pre-Order Bonus Voucher unlocking the Archetype EXP Chest Set and Adventurer’s Journey Pack.

For more information and for links to pre-order, visit metaphor.atlus.com.

Ryan and the SEGA/ATLUS PR team


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