Humankind - Feature Focus #6 - Immersive Sounds

Humankind - Feature Focus #6 - Immersive Sounds

Humankind will feature 11 distinct soundscapes based on the Earth’s biomes, recorded in various locations around the world.

Paris – For the sixth installment of our Feature Focus video series, we explore the process that has gone into creating the sound design of our upcoming historical strategy game Humankind.

Players will be able to immerse themselves in the unique soundscapes of 11 different biomes that make up the Earth’s terrain. As players create and expand their cities, these soundscapes will be complemented by urban ambiance: perhaps the sounds of a crowded market, a sawmill, or a hammer on steel.

Our sound team travelled to various locations around the world to capture ambient sound, including Scotland and the Grand Canyon. We even went as far as to record the noise of active volcanoes in Italy to represent the sound of Mount Vesuvius!

As a special bonus, we’ve created an additional “ambient soundscapes” video, featuring a 1 hour loop of nature sounds from the game to study, work, or sleep to.

We hope you’ll enjoy the attention to detail we’ve brought to these lush and authentic soundscapes.

And don’t forget, if you’re interested in playing Humankind before anyone else then sign up to our OpenDev scheme starting this summer for a chance to participate in our three gameplay scenarios. All the details on the homepage at

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